Video Camera Line Inspections

Video Inspections For Drain Lines, Sewer Lines & Pipes In New York City

For many homeowners the same drains or pipes tend to back-up, leak and continuously cause problems. If you have been suffering from repeat drain, pipe or sewer problems we have the most effective solution to your problem – a video camera inspection. With this video technology Schumacher and Farley’s expert plumbers are able to examine your home’s pipes and lines  – even in the hardest to reach areas – and can quickly and accurately identify the cause of your issues.

With video camera inspections, our professional plumbers can identify:

Once the problem is identified our plumbers will fix the issue and leave your home with your pipes and lines in full working order.

Call Schumacher & Farley today to book a video camera inspection with confidence! All of our drain and pipe services are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.