Radiant Heat Installations & Repairs


Professional Radiant Heating Services For Greater New York City

When it is time to get out of bed on a cold winter morning, we often reach for a warm bathrobe and a soft, cozy pair of slippers in order to achieve ultimate comfort.  What if you could leave the slippers behind and walk around your home on floors that leave your toes feeling toasty and warm?  The fact is that when your feet are warm, your whole body feels warmer at a lower thermostat setting.  Imagine feeling the sense of comfort at a setting of 65 degrees that you would normally feel at 72 degrees.  How is this possible?  It is possible with the installation of an energy-efficient radiant floor heating system.
How does a radiant floor heating system work you might ask?  Well, the concept behind this system is actually quite simple:  Tubes placed under your floors circulate hot water, turning your floors into giant radiators that warm each room of your home evenly and efficiently.

The benefits of a radiant floor heating system are vast and include the following:

At Schumacher and Farley, we are experts in the design and installation of radiant floor heating systems.  Our skilled technicians will confidently and courteously walk you through the design and product selection process.  Our goal is to install a radiant floor heating system that will compliment your lifestyle, fulfill your heating needs, and maximize your comfort.