Schumacher and Farley’s Customer Reviews

Here at Schumacher and Farley we are proud to make customer service our #1 priority. Here’s what your neighbors are saying about our plumbing and heating service:

“I needed to deal with Schumacher & Farley long distance. I called them on day one. Phil arrived right on time on day two. Phil assessed the job in a matter of minutes. Called me to let me know what needed to be done and gave me the prices for it. I gave him the go ahead. Phil fixed everything in a very reasonable time. I couldn’t ask for any better service. They are now my plumbers forever. I gave them 5 stars (because that’s all they allowed) but they deserve 10. Thank you Phil and Nicole and Rene. ”

Maryann Rocco

Excellent prompt service, up front pricing, and dedicated professionals is the experience I got when I called Schumacher and Farley. I had the pleasure of having Fred inspect the issues with my water heater as well as walk me through the process we would have to go through to get National Grid to turn the gas to my house back on after having had it shut off due to a detected gas leak. Phil came to do the actual servicing itself and did a fantastic job of fixing any and all issues identified. He also was great at making sure I was actively aware and fully understood the need for any work that was done while servicing the issue. I will absolutely be using their services again if any plumbing or heating needs arises in the future. Schumacher and Farley are true professionals and I would highly recommend their services to everybody.”

Kevin S.

Excellent!!! We have a lot of respect for this company! Our water heater broke and we were impressed by how quickly it was replaced. In the process we were informed that the vents were placed incorrectly and would have to be corrected . We learned a great deal about a heating system. Fred Dobler Jr has respect for his trade and his clients. Like most people there is a trust factor involved when hiring a company, with this company you can be assured that you will have the best customer service. Professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Philip Legotte was great . Everything was completed and cleaned up . Everything was explained in detail to us by not only By Philip but by Fred as well ! We definitely have found the right company !!!”

John & Deborah Melecio

“First time using Schumacher & Farley. A.C. service was quick and painless. Jerry was right on time and knew his stuff. The 3 most abused words in the English language are 1- ENGINEER, 2- EXPERT and 3- TECHNICIAN. I can attest that Jerry qualifies for at least #’s 2 and 3. Don’t know if he can drive a train!!!! From someone who is also in the service industry, I know how hard it is to please some people. Promptness, Knowledge and Presentation all get 5 stars in my book. Thanks again”

Paul Rzinski

“Schumacher & Farley are professional, reliable and dedicated. I have used them for years to keep the heat and plumbing needs of the rather large and older property that I supervise running efficiently. Jerry has worked endlessly on our older building’s needs, day or night and his professionalism and heating knowledge is unmatched. Fred, Fred and their staff have always shown compassion to the people living in the building and their special needs. Most recently, I have used their services in my own house to repair a leak in my bathtub. Leslie was clean, timely and friendly to my 5 year and 2 year old who thought he was there to listen to their life stories. I would recommend them to family or friends and I will certainly use their services again in the future.”

Thomas Hoefel

“These guys are super knowledgable and very nice. Prompt service! Impeccable!”

Holly K., Brooklyn, NY

“Our home had a gas emergency that required immediate attention.  ConEd stopped the leak, but we needed to get a permanent repair made during an extreme cold wave when most plumbing companies were busy with heating emergencies.  Schumacher and Farley took our call, met us at the house, explained what was needed and the cost, and scheduled a repair crew for the next day.  They showed up exactly when they were supposed to.  Leslie and his men were neat and professional as well as being friendly and informative.  Fred joined them at the end of the job to insure that everything was done according to regulations and he waited for the ConEd representative to inspect and sign off on the repair.  In talking to Fred, I learned that this is family run business where customer service is extremely important.  I would recommend them highly and expect that they will be the only call that I will need to make for future plumbing jobs.”

Steve K., Long Island City, NY,

“We woke up this Saturday morning to no hot water on a freezing cold day. I called Schumacher & Farley Plumbers at 9:00. I received a return call by 9:10. One of their expert plumbers was at my house by 10:30 and fixed our hot water problem in just minutes. What a great company with great service!

Larry Fields, Woodbury, NY

Excellent!!! We have a lot of respect for this company! Our water heater broke and we were impressed by how quickly it was replaced. In the process we were informed that the vents were placed incorrectly and would have to be corrected . We learned a great deal about a heating system. Fred Dobler Jr has respect for his trade and his clients. Like most people there is a trust factor involved when hiring a company, with this company you can be assured that you will have the best customer service. Professional, knowledgeable , and courteous. Philip Legotte was great. Everything was completed and cleaned up. Everything was explained in detail to us by not only By Philip but by Fred as well! We definitely have found the right company!!!

John & Deborah Melecio, Long Island City, NY

“I had a problem with my cast iron heater which was not heating up.  Jerry was our service guy. He is very nice and courteous…Definite a must recommend company. Will use again for any future problems.”

Veronica L., Ozone Park, Queens, NY

“Leslie and Mike were terrific. They arrived when I asked them to, taking my schedule into consideration without complaint, though it inconvenienced them. They were courteous, quick, and efficient. All this on Dec. 23! I was amazed that they responded so quickly and didn’t stress me out just before Christmas when I needed a new toilet for my guest bathroom. Thanks, guys. Enjoy your holidays. You’ve totally made my day!

Alexandra Hershberger

“I returned home from out of town and saw water leaking from my “new” 2009 installed Weil McClain water storage tank. I checked out a few Yelp listings and these guys sounded good.  They got back to me right away and sent someone over the same day, Friday afternoon. Fast. There was an $89. service visit fee and that seemed fair, I could tell they were going to be good, so I had no problem with that…Clean job! Quick! Painless! I was particularly happy that they offered me a reasonably priced yearly plan: I don’t live in the city full time and have 2 rental apartments; I want to keep my people happy and the building running smoothly: I have confidence that this will happen.
So, so far great with Schumacher & Farley.

-Mary J.

Great people to work with.Very professional and prompt on service. Very nice to do business with and respond to calls promptly. Would highly highly recommend them above all others. Great great company.”

-Phyllis S.

Fabulous and friendly. This company is dependable, trustworthy and not in the business for ripping off people. They are efficient and tell you how it is.  Jerry and crew were professional and knew exactly what they were doing. I highly recommend.”

-Libby L.

“Just wanted to say how unbelievably reliable dependable, and trustworthy these guys are!! I had an emergency and called my regular plumber that I’ve had for years, and they had the nerve to send some sketchy sub contractor to my home with my 6 month old . First and for most,  let me say there was literally no heat in my home! It was freezing! And to think you would call someone you knew for years would come ASAP ! No I get some guy that Ive never heard of ! Anyways, I called up Schumaker & Farley, who I’ve never used before and they came in 20 mins! And not only did they come  in 20 mins ! But it was the owner who came! He was honest and he worked with my budget! He explained everything to me in detail! Unreal! And after he explained everything and we agreed on everything, he came back that same day! (literally one hr later.. Because he had to pick up parts and what not) He was finished fast and did not even leave a spot on the floor! Honestly they are amazing and my family and I will be a client of your forever!!  Thank you from the LaRosa Family!”

-Prima L.

“Attached you will find before and after photos of the repair that Philip Legotte was able to carry out very neatly to fix the leak in the bathtub drain, in spite of the confined space through the ceiling where he had to work, and with no complaints. He is a fine tradesman! I had been so disappointed over the past few years by inept so-called professional plumbers that I have been doing my own plumbing repairs in my 5 family 1876 townhouse, but this job was too much for me. The before picture of the bathtub installation with the drain flange directly on the beam is just one example among many of how my total renovation in 1991 had been poorly plumbed. After reading all the positive reviews, I felt less skeptical and decided to give Schumacher and Farley a chance. Philip came to his appointment on time to estimate the job and I was reassured when speaking to him because he answered me sensibly. Fred arrived soon after as he said he would. Philip gave me 3 reasonable price and work options to solve the leak issue. The bathtub was installed in 1991. Since the ceiling was already open to access the leak, I realized that it was wiser to opt for a complete replacement of the Gerber trip lever drain system instead of replacing a few parts of it to save a little money. I am a 70 year old retired artisan, yet I still like to do my homework to understand the parts and procedures for mechanical work to be done in my house. It was a pleasure to speak to Philip and to Fred who appreciated my participation and research. However, they were well ahead of me and knew exactly what was needed with no delay in getting the parts. I also appreciate their preference to use American made or very good quality parts rather than the cheap products sold everywhere. They replaced the old with a new drain system that very day in a timely and professional manner. Philip was also able to saw out a small portion of the beam so that the flange would not sit directly upon it, which the original installer should have done in 1991. I finally closed the ceiling after waiting a couple of weeks, just in case a little adjustment had to be taken care of, but that was not necessary. I am very happy with Schumacher and Farley. They show respect for their trade and their clients. It is my pleasure to recommend them.

-David Linder

We have used Schumacher and Farley for many years, and through the years they have always conducted their business with professionalism and provided courteous prompt and efficient service.  We most recently replaced our heating unit in our two-family home.  The technician who handled this was Jerry.  He is very knowledgeable in heating units and many other aspects of plumbing.  Needless to say he and Fred Dobler Jr., (the boss’s son) excellent man who also works for the company, were able to install the unit without a hitch.  They even advised us of a finance plan to pay for the unit over time.  We have also encountered some plumbing emergencies in where they have been extremely reliable.  In addition, we have also dealt with Leslie who is also a very good plumber; they all have their own specific knowledge of expertise.  My wife even used them once to repair a leak in a pantry sink at her office.  We have used them many times over the years and would not dream of using another company.  Excellent customer service…they are No. 1

-Mimi and Joe A., Astoria, New York

“Called with leak in my kitchen, came next day needed to get parts they came day after parts arrived, called with another adjustment, came same day. Could not have received better treatment, great communication with office. I now have a plumber I know I can count on.

-Alan G., Oakland Gardens, NY

“I am a property manager in NYC. I use Schumacher & Farley in my buildings and am very impressed with their service. Jerry was a life saver when one of my buildings lost heat. He worked non-stop to address the issue, as it was very complicated. Many companies would have given up, but he stayed until the problem was solved. I really enjoy working with this company and Jerry is very talented.”

-Jen, NYC

“Schumacher and Farley handled our situation in a very professional manner. They confirmed our appointment and arrived on time. Our technician, Jerry D. was great! He was pleasant and thoroughly described everything he was going to do and why. He knows his stuff and is meticulous in doing the work. He came to the appointment prepared and completed the work quickly and efficiently. As a footnote, this appointment was on 10/29, the day Sandy hit NY. I fully expected a call to cancel, but he came anyway! A pleasant surprise. All-in-all, a very positive experience.”

-Larry Stouder, NYC


“I have used Schumacher & Farley for many years. This year I had them replace the gas furnace for a 6 family building I own. I received a written quote plus a phone call explaining the price, optional financing & what best equipment to purchase. They came on time & did the job as agreed. Very satisfied. The heating system is working perfectly.”

-Penelope Christopher, NYC



-Annette, NYC


“Jerry was thorough, detail oriented and technically competent. Before he started the job he visited my house and heard me out and what it was that I wanted done. He offered his suggestions and eventually I decided somewhere in the middle. I was out of town when the install was done and so I gave him a key to my house. His installation and cleanup were exceptional. All of my air handlers were centered, leveled and the same height from the ceiling in every room. The compressors were mounted at exactly the same height outside and high enough to allow for my car pass to pass freely in my drive-way. To further complicate the job, I have vinyl siding on my house. The line hides were mounted perfectly straight and parallel to the grain on the siding. I returned home after the installation to discover that Jerry and his crew had cleaned up both inside/outside of the house. Jerry offered to fix any issues I was not happy with but of course there weren’t any! Excellent service. Best install ever!”



“I’ve had Fred Jr and several of his employees work on plumbing jobs for me over the years, both at work and at my home. I have always found them to be extremely professional, efficient and courteous. The quality of their work is excellent and I will definitely continue to use them for any future projects that I may have.”

-Brian Kenny


“Jerry came to my home to fix a problem with the central A/C. He was prompt and polite. Jerry diagnosed the problem quickly. Jerry gave us several options to resolve the problem with the A/C. We decided on replacing the outdoor unit and he worked with us to price the new unit and installed it two days later. He did his job well and is an excellent technician. I certainly would like him to be the technician responding to any future heating, plumbing or cooling problem.”

-Robert Lubcker


“Frankie C. came to our apartment to install a new faucet and a water filtration system. He arrived on time, answered my questions about the job, and taught me how to maintain his installations. I will definitely use him again and encourage others in the area to call him. Thanks, Frankie C!!”

-Jennifer Stahl