Professional RPZ (backflow device) Testing

Don’t forget to have your RPZ (backflow device) tested!

What is it?
RPZ valves, also known as backflow devices, are extremely important. They protect your home’s drinking water as well as the NYC water supply from potentially becoming contaminated.

How does it work?
Plumbing systems are installed to work at a specific water pressure. This water pressure keeps your home’s water flowing in the right direction – if this pressure falls, contaminated water can enter your plumbing system. RPZ valves monitor your home’s water pressure and ensures a safe flow of water, even when the pressure drops.

What causes water pressure to fall?
Many events can cause water pressure to fall and/or change. The use of a neighborhood fire hydrant, a local water main break, or an issue with the city’s water supply.

RPZ Testing is required!
Did you know that NYC requires annual RPZ testing? All RPZ valves must be tested every 12 months. Scheduling this testing may seem like a hassle, but it is important for your family’s safety and the safety of the NYC community as a whole.

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