Commercial Backflow Services

Professional Backflow Services For New York City

Schumacher & Farley offers expert backflow services, testing and installations for New York City businesses and organizations. The professional installation and upkeep of backflow devices allows for the prevention of undesirable elements, waste and chemicals from entering the public water supply.

Per the NYC DEP:

‘To protect New York City’s drinking water supply systems from contamination, DEP has a robust water quality monitoring program and NYC Environmental Protection Backflow Guidelinesregularly performs sampling throughout the City to ensure all relevant State and federal standards are met.

DEP also works to prevent contamination before it occurs by ensuring that local businesses comply with all relevant City and State codes…which requires certain businesses to install and operate approved backflow prevention devices…’

Schumacher and Farley’s professional plumbers are licensed and certified with the state of New York to install and maintain backflow devices. As stated by, the following business are required, by law, to use backflow prevention devices:

• Metal Plating Operations
• Photo-Processing Facilities
• Laundries and Dry Cleaners
• Commercial Car Washes
• Greenhouses
• Hospitals, Clinics and Laboratories (Including Veterinary Hospitals)
• Medical and Dental Offices
• Funeral Parlors
• Food Processing Plants, and Meat or Fish Packers
• Dye Plants
• Paper Processors
• Auto Repair Shops
• Breweries
• Tanneries
• Exterminators
• Large Residential Dwellings with Treated Water Boilers
• Sewage Treatment Plants or Handling Facilities
• Premises with Multiple Water Service Lines
• Premises with Roof Tanks and Elevated Storage Lines
• Canneries
• Shipyards and Marinas
• Schools and Colleges
• Food Processing Facilities
• Nursing Homes
• Barber Shops and Beauty Salons
• Properties with In-Ground Irrigation Sprinklers

For professional backflow services call Schumacher and Farley today. All of our work is in compliance with the state’s regulations and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Call Schumacher & Farley with confidence – we back all of our commercial backflow services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee – or your money back.